The Hadzabe come to Melbourne

Melbourne's Ladder Art Space in the heart of Kew will be hosting Guy Needham's The Hadzabe of Tanzania as the exhibition's first stop on ...

Peru Navidad

Marden was ashen, it was obvious that the poison was starting to take effect. I knew what would happen next – the toxins making their way into his bloodstream, then his glands and finally hitting his central nervous system. With a small first aid kit there was nothing I could do. Not that he wanted me to. Marden, my Peruvian guide, has just taken kambo, a ritualistic poisoning sourced from the secretions of a spreadeagled giant monkey frog. Moments before, the village apo (chief) Julio had mixed the dried poison on a tamshi stick before applying it to two spots he had burnt into Marden’s shoulder. Kambo is renowned amongst the Matses tribe for giving a man more energy, greater strength and s

Jaguars in the Jungle

In this coming weekend's Sunday Star-Times you can read all about how I helplessly watched on as my guide was slowly poisoned, how ...

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