Over the past few years I've photographed people and places 
the Pacific to Asia to Africa to South America - in order to tell their stories in a unique, respectful way. I hope you enjoy.  




Samburu tribe

The Samburu are semi-nomadic

pastoralists who are best known for their intricately dressed warriors, the Moran, who count drinking blood from goats amongst their rituals.

The Hadzabe tribe is so old that National Geographic calls them “the closest living relatives of the humans who first left Africa to migrate to the rest of the world.”

Hadzabe tribe
Mentawai tribe

The Mentawai people live in an island group 150km off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Considered one of the planet's most ancient tribes, today they are still found deep in the island jungle.

Matses - JPEG-4.jpg

The Matses of the Peruvian Amazon are the only indigenous people in the world that practice mambo - a ritual poisoning sourced from the secretions of a spreadeagled giant monkey frog.

Numbering only 3,000, Ecuador's Waorani tribe live in the Amazon Basin. Facing dual challenges of oil exploration and Western encroachment, today they are fighting to protect their land.

Waorani tribe
Hamar tribe

The Hamar of Southern Ethiopia is one of the most unique tribes in the world.  Agro-pastoralists and subsistence farmers, today they face the same outside challenges as other indigenous peoples.

Huli tribe

The indigenous Huli are one of the last traditional tribes in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Undiscovered by Europeans until the 1930s, they are a Tribe of A Thousand Years. 

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